Happy Birthday Red Door Gin!

On July 2nd we’ll be celebrating 1 year since we launched our small-batch Highland gin! And what a year it’s been!

Our team of dedicated distillers spent a long time perfecting Red Door Gin. So, when we launched Red Door Gin in July 2018, we couldn’t wait for people to try it. A year later and we couldn’t have been happier with the reception we’ve received. It’s certainly had a warm welcome!

We’ve accomplished more than we ever thought we could in a year! We’ve served our signature Red Door G&T’s to guests at London Fashion Week, twice! Raised our Red Door drinks to inspirational women at Marie Claire’s Future Shapers Awards. Celebrated our first World Gin Day. Attended gin festivals across the country. And built a community of over 40,000 gin lovers on social media!

It’s been a great year so far but we’re even more excited for what the next years are going to bring. Our distillery gin tours are currently being perfected (an opportunity to meet Peggy, our beautiful copper pot-still!). Our Master Distiller is always trialing and testing for new recipe development. Celebrating International Scottish Gin Day on the 3rd of August. And these are just a few things to look forward to!

If you’d like join in the birthday celebrations, head over to our social media channels and join us in raising a Red Door G&T to 1 year of Red Door Gin!

Birthday Wishes!

Here are a few words from a few of our fellow gin lovers on social media. We’d love it if you left your own birthday wishes in the comments below!

Scottish Gin Society

“The Scottish Gin Society are big fans of Red Door Gin!

We first tried Red Door gin when Benromach Distillery launched Red Door Gin last July, and the gin itself is truly something else.

It is a wonderfully rewarding London Dry Gin. When served in a classic G&T, with a slice of frozen grapefruit, yields a strong juniper blast, combined with sharp citrus. Just what G&Ts should taste like, it’s delightful!”

The Gin Cooperative

“Big juniper and hints of citrus from the lemon and bitter orange peels, earthy notes from the angelica, sweetness from the heather, along with a subtle spice on the finish. Red Door Gin is most definitely a Scottish Gin that takes your palate and senses on a delightful gin journey…

We visited the distillery and distillation team to learn more about the distillation process and get an insight into the eight botanicals that go into making Red Door Gin. It was interesting for us to learn about the botanical basket and vapour infusion method that resulted in capturing some of the more delicate botanicals in the distillation process.”

A Gin Thing

“When I get a new gin, I often try it neat. This generally gives me an idea of a cocktail, a G&T or a Negroni. Red Door Gin screamed all-rounder. But a Negroni was first in my list. With Juniper, Pepper and orange notes it tasted like it was made for a Negroni. Certainly one of my favourite Negronis to date. I’m looking forward to trying this in other drinks. No doubt this gin is a keeper.”

The Gin Lord

“Cracking new Gin from Red Door Gin – b-ea-utifully packaged!

Taste wise, striking citrus up front, quickly giving way to a fresh breeze of juniper, sweet heather and a quite distinct sea buckthorn. Finishing with a jammy/ chocolate note from the rowanberries. Impressive for a brand-new product, well worth checking out!”

The Gin Judge

“I first saw Red Door on Instagram, it was actually the red doors in the distillery that really caught my attention. I then had to purchase a bottle and it really blew me away! I’ve gone a bit mad for Scottish Gin and Red Door is no exception!

I think the perfect match for Red Door is with a premium Scottish tonic, preferably Walter Gregor’s or Cushidoos and a handful of raspberries. I’m also going to try it out as a Negroni soon.

My favourite of Red Door Gin’s botanicals is definitely the chocolatey, smoky rowanberries!”

Smile There’s Gin

“A complex smooth beauty! For my mix we have … Red Door Gin, Merchants Heart Tonic Water, Frozen Raspberries and tons of ice! The frozen raspberries not only add to the flavours of the drink but also compliment the gorgeous bottle too! A winner in our eyes.”

The Gin Shelf

“Wow. What a superb gin Red Door Gin really is! On the nose you get a coriander herbal haze and bright zesty kick, backed up by fresh grassy undertones and a sea salt breeze. The subtle sense of red fruits on the nose is replaced sharper kicks of dark cherries and black currants on the pallet from that sea buckthorn.

Alongside the smoky and chocolatey flavours of the Rowanberry, there’s a suggestion of Black Forest Gateau! But it’s not overpowering; the Pearls of Heather deliver a freshness, whilst forest floor pine of the juniper ebbs and flows throughout the other botanicals. Big, bold and very clever!

I served the gin with merchant heart light tonic water and a garnish of orange peel and raspberries to play off those citrus and red fruit flavours. Simply delicious!”

Gin Sanity

“Gin is rarely presented as beautifully as this most appreciated arrival from Red Door Gin.

The finest juniper is complemented with citrus, floral pearls of heather and chocolatey, smoky rowanberries to create a gin that oozes of all things Scottish Highlands.

I’m having mine with a premium tonic and grapefruit. I’m in love!”

The Gin Bandits

“It’s a juniper forward London Dry style of gin out of Benromach Distillery in the Scottish Highlands. They’ve used some unique botanicals including pearls of heather, sea buckthorn and chocolatey rowanberries which give this gin an amazing flavour.

If you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely worth a go!”

The Gin Den

“When this was released in 2018 it absolutely blew us away. It’s smooth subtle mix of botanicals make it one of the easiest drinking gins we’ve taste!”